About Raymond Hatfield


 Interested in fashion design from early on in his life living in London, it was to be a few more interesting and diverse years before he chose to concentrate on learning the art of millinery and become a milliner. This was inspired by the challenges and encouragement of two beautiful young women, his daughters. They believed that he could transform their existing millinery into something more unique to compliment their couture and individual styles. He is a very proud father and eternally grateful for their love and support.

This was the beginning of the desire, to design and create his own millinery, which has now lead to him establishing his own label - The House of Hatfield.

Raymond has enjoyed and been extremely lucky living in Melbourne, Australia and attending many intense workshops and classes by one of Melbourne’s top milliners, Louise Macdonald.

He has also been very fortunate to work alongside and absorb skills from some of Australia’s top and well-known milliners, Lynette Lim, Georgina Conheady, Carole Maher, and Amanda Macor. They have all inspired and shared many elite techniques and expertise, and introduced Raymond to new materials, contemporary designs and applications. Melbourne’s millinery industry is vibrant, alive and stands on its own for its fashion and style.

Raymond brings a certain taste of the Australian flare, combined with the elegance and style of the Californian lifestyle with his millinery creations and designs.

 Days of bright blue skies, stunning salmon pink hues of sunset, mountains soaked in rich and lush earthy tones, elegant tall green palms, shimmer in the warm breeze.

                         Palm Springs – how could one not be inspired?